The network exists to address the issues at the interface of faith, place and planning, especially for minority faith groups in the UK. The network brings together, for the first time, many groups with a strong interest in these issues, namely faith group representatives, academics from multiple disciplines, planners, policy makers, local and national government representatives and civil society organisations.

The project is led by Dr Andrew Rogers (University of Roehampton) and Dr Richard Gale (Cardiff University). The network began on 1st September 2014. Do tweet at #faithandplace. A policy briefing, drawing on the network deliberations, is being launched on Thursday 15th October 2015 at the House of Commons.

Network Objectives

  1. To establish a network of interested groups in faith, place and planning.
  2. To hear the experiences of faith groups in relation to place and planning.
  3. To bring multiple academic disciplines to bear on faith, place and planning and operate as an interdisciplinary network.
  4. To investigate the interrelations between place, planning and faith group theology /
  5. To disseminate the network’s conclusions through a variety of media, so reaching a broader audience in each of the five participant groups.
  6. To inform public policy on faith, place and planning through engagement with policymakers at the local, regional and national governmental levels.