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Perspectives report

The Faith and Place network met for the first time at The Royal Foundation of St Katharine on 4th December 2014. The report below summarises the key themes and discussions of the day.

1.             Introduction

1.1          The purpose of the first event of the Faith and Place Network was to explore, from a diversity of perspectives, the interrelations between faith, place and the politics of planning. Above all, it placed emphasis on exploring accounts from faith community representatives, planners and policy professionals, to begin teasing out the hidden histories and current realities surrounding the faith, place and planning nexus. This was a significant first step towards achieving the network goals, both to bring together participants from a range of faith, planning and professional backgrounds and to produce policy relevant guidance on religious space and planning practice.

1.2          This report attempts to capture and synthesise the rich variety of themes that were explored throughout the presentations and discussions that made up the Perspectives event, and in turn, to provide network participants with a platform on which to build in the subsequent network events. The various sections below are our attempt to organise the key ideas articulated by network members, according to the over-arching topics and themes that emerged throughout the day. Continue reading Perspectives report

First network event – Perspectives

Thursday 4th December 2014 saw 26 delegates attend the inaugural meeting of the Faith and Place network at the Royal Foundation of Saint Katharine in East London.

Many thanks to all the delegates from a wide variety of professional and academic backgrounds who made it such a stimulating day. Particular thanks are due to our 14 speakers who provided a rich and diverse set of Perspectives on faith, place and planning: Alastair Cutting, Simon Bevan, Nairita Chakraborty, Shahed Saleem, Richard Blyth, Mustafa Field, Mary Anderson, Olatunji Adebayo, Robert Wickham, Synthia Griffin, R David Muir, Anne Kubai, Felix Asare and Marcel Maussen.

Videos of the talks will be available on this website very soon.