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Sunday Service project of the Tate Modern

‘God Bless South London’ – Faith and Place through the artistic lens


This panel discussion takes place at Bosse & Baum, Copeland Park Industrial Estate in Peckham, South London – at the geographical heart of African Christianity in the UK.  The panel features perspectives from the faith, local authority and arts community, and includes Faith and Place network investigator, Andrew Rogers.

The panel will be engaging with the work of Chloe Dewe Mathews, whose work is being exhibited at Bosse & Baum. Commissioned by Tate Modern,  ‘Congregation’ is a video installation which explores collective religious experience and the nature of expressive worship in south London’s African majority churches.

Taking place from 6.30-8.30pm on Tuesday 2nd June, further details are available at Tate Modern and Bosse and Baum.


Experiencing new black majority churches with Tate Modern – Sunday Service project video

One of our Perspectives speakers on 4th December, Synthia Griffin, Curator of Regeneration and Community Partnerships at Tate Modern, spoke of the Sunday Service project carried out for Tate Modern by photographer Chloe Dewe Mathews. The project draws on parallels between the former industrial use of the museum and the industrial unit locations of many new churches in the same borough (Southwark).

Chloe’s work explores the dynamics of new black majority churches in the borough, with a particular focus on the juxtaposition between the industrial exterior and the emotionally engaged vibrant community within the walls of the churches. An exhibition of the project at the Tate earlier this year is due to be followed up by another in Peckham in 2015. Watch the project video  HERE.